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Young Ballet Company of Rio de Janeiro

The Youth Ballet Company of Rio de Janeiro (Cia Jovem) was founded in 2000. Created by ballerina and choreographer Dalal Achcar, the Company was an unprecedented project in Brazil. Its creation was driven by the scarce cultural labor market in Brazil, which takes young dancers who are forced to abandon the dream of pursuing a professional career after several years of study and dedication. The Youth Ballet Company of Rio de Janeiro is the expression of the cultural development policy and opens a professional path for talented young people, opening a space to be known in the panorama of Brazilian and international dance.

We are a family owned and operated business.

It is essential to give young dancers a chance to stage on stage. Only then will they be able to compete in the job market and start their careers. We are making a huge effort to give these young people an opportunity to fulfill their dream and dance after more than eight years of daily studies that require a lot of sacrifice, tenacity and love. an athlete, is short, starts when he is young, sacrificing his adolescence and often without support these young people start to live their adult life frustrated by the lack of opportunity after so much study and sacrifice. It is up to us when possible to help them receive that opportunity.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Over the years, ABRJ formed three Youth Companies and placed around 60 dancers in the national and international labor market, some of them with prominence in the world dance scene. We are in the fourth Cia Jovem, with the same enthusiasm, confidence and certainty of reaching our goal, and feeling of accomplishment.

Highlights of the Young Company



In 2006, Cia Jovem de Ballet presented the ballet “Um Conto de Natal”, at Teatro João Caetano to over 16 thousand people

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Our dancers in the World


Cícero Gomes

1ª Cia Jovem
1º bailarino do Theatro Municipal do Rio de Janeiro


Edivaldo Souza

2ª Cia Jovem

1º bailarino do Birmingham Royal Ballet, na Inglaterra ​


Isabela Coracy

2ª Cia Jovem

Bailarina no BlackBallet na Inglaterra​


Carollina Bastos

3ª Cia Jovem

Corpo de baile do Bayerisches Staatsballett, na Alemanha​ ​

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